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tv   The War Room With Jennifer Granholm  Current  April 12, 2012 9:00pm-10:00pm PDT

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this evolves. that's viewpoint tonight. and stay tuned for war room witititititititititititititititititititititititititititititit granholm. thank you and >> thanks, eliot and thank you for being in the war room. i'm jennifer granholm. in 2002, california congresswoman nancy pelosi became the first woman elected house democratic minority leader and broke what she likes to call the marble ceiling become the first female speaker of the house of representatives. in 2010, republicans with the help of the tea party took control of the house but leader pelosi is determined to win back the house. we are thrilled to welcome you. thanks for coming inside. >> it's great to be in the war room. >> you've been in a lot of war rooms in your day over the years, and we wanted to make this like home.
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so part of the strategy of course that you're undertaking especially during this campaign season is getting that majority back. if you had at a tell folks these are all political junkies and good progressives who watch if you had to tell people that would be your first piece of legislation under a second obama term, what would you want to see happen? >> just what we did before in 2006, won the majority and within the first 100 hours passed the 606 job creation and in the 2008, when we won then in the 2009 january we came in. >> gaining gang busters. >> but most important legislation right there from the start, one week and one day after the president's inauguration the recovery act
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which saved three and a half million jobs. that's jobs, jobs, jobs, jobs. our job agenda would be a jobs bill, but also as part of that initial array of bills, we would have did he understanding discrimination in the workplace. >> it's exciting to imagine. i close my eyes thinking about what could possibly happen in a second term with a majority and you with the speaker gaffe very well. the question is how to get there. maybe you can share with people a bit of the agenda to get there. what's the strategy? >> we need 25 seats. we have the drive for 25, coinciding with my being 20 knife years if the congress, including a lot of volunteers and resources around that team
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of 25. we have a great chairman, steve israel of new york who is a great field marshall, very clear eyed about what our possibilities are. we out recruited the republicans, outraced them money wise and outredistricted them. they won 20 seats in redistricts and it's a wash. >> i assume they gained. >> not at all. in california, for example in states where the president will not have an active campaign, california, new york illinois, because he will win those states, and texas because he probably won't win that state in those states alone, we can win half. >> so four states, you can win half those 25 seats. >> and then where we are together, florida, washington state, if that becomes a battleground, if it isn't it's
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a good state for us, in any case, florida, washington state maryland we'll pick up one onesies twosies all over the country. it's about the candidates, they will also tell we have great candidates. of the candidates we have, sealed it, about 75 to win 25, half of them are women a large number of minorities, it's really a real invigoration. so from the standpoint of the candidates, the mobilization, the ms, the money the mobilization. >> the message. >> the message the message was the budget that says we're going to cut off the medicare guarantee and we don't want to fund contraception. >> let me ask you about the budget issue. i read this week dave camp,
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who's actually a representative from michigan who is going to be in charge of deciding the tax cut portion of that romney budget, which is, you know, creating two tax brackets for people and costing the country about $3.5 trillion in revenue how does that work, will you be at the table at all, will your members be at the table as they decide how those cuts will be administered and what it will look like? >> in the committee process democrats will be at the table but at the end of that, if they want democratic votes, we'll have to be at the table. if they decide they're going to go it alone it's probably not -- if it's not -- well but if they do it that way it's not something that is likely to pass the senate. >> right. >> or be signed by the president. remember about this, they have once twice three times now already voted to break the medicare guarantee.
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in their budget that they are putting together, they say to seniors, we're going to break the guarantee within 10 years but in the meantime seniors who pay $6,400 more should get fewer benefits while we give a tax break to people making over $1 million of $30,000 by retaining the bush tax cuts. $300,000, if you make over a million dollars a year, a regular senior will pay 6400 and that is a statement of their value. >> and that's something that you all in taking back the majority certainly can run on is the contrast. now the tea party when it came in in 2010 came in on an agenda blocking so much of what the democrats would like to see. do you think the tea party has sort of played out its string.
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are you feeling they are waning? >> they haven't accomplished anything. >> isn't that their goal though? >> their anti-government, so it's really, i'm glad you mentioned that, because it's important to note when people say why can't you all get along and find common ground, they really don't believe in government, so it's not about the way it used to be where you have a spectrum and you try to find the common ground. this is two different paths. theirs is a path of no government role. it's an anti-government ideology, no regulations clean air, clean water food safety, public safety, public education. second base health, medicaid, medicare, social security. medicare they say should winter on the vine, medicate has no place in society. nine and a half% unemployment is a very hard obstacle to overcome
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for an incumbent. even though you would say with the measures we took and the president initiated, we had 15% unemployment. nobody wants to hear that if they a job. when that barrier is there you can't discuss climate, health care, you can't discuss anything else. people just want to know why they don't have a job. >> the sense is to block and that's the only thing. >> i think that with an improvement in the economy certainly nothing to our satisfaction, but none the less going down the right path, the contrast we need to make will be a clear one. the caliber of our candidates, they are just fabulous. >> so now the tea party has posed a lot of problems for john boehner. >> yes. >> and i don't know that he has -- i mean i know he hasn't been as successful as you were as counting noses and corralling
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his votes. i'm wondering how you perceived his leadership. >> well, let me say that in that caucus, we know that we have diversity of opinion. it's a big tent, whether it's generation philosophical whatever it is, we are very diverse. we're used to weaving a consensus together so when it's time for the vote, we're all there. >> but you have done, you end up as speaker sort of massages, keep your finger on the pulse you know what's going on. he obviously hasn't been able to do that. >> well, he has -- well, you know, but i don't know what goes on inside the republican caucus, but i do know it's manifested in the challenge we have in passing a transportation and infrastructure bill, a very big jobs bill. we just want to go to conference
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and we said to them pass anything, pass the worst possible bill you can think of just to take us to conference, but they can't even agree on that. >> wow. and that's just a basic government service that you would think even tea partyers believe that you have to have the funding for roads and bridges. that's a basic matter. unless we're all supposed to drive on dirt roads. >> it's important to note that the speaker for all of the challenges that he faces has never voted for a transportation bill himself even when it was just a few people who didn't vote for it over tile. transportation bill has always been the flagship bill of bipartisanship. nobody can remember it not being boy start send. secretary of transportation has said it's the worst bill in 35 years, bad for jobs, bad for public safety and strictly a republican product, which is --
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and they can't even pass it themselves. it's not only their bill, it's not the bill that can get to a team in their own caucus. >> just more evidence that we need a new speaker. let me ask you something, one of the great things that you were able to accomplish is to marshall through with a great team i know the health care bill. i'm curious from your perspective, because i know there's been polls indicating that even some democrats don't like the health care bill. where do you think the messaging went wrong? >> well, i believe it was important -- there were knows in congress who thought it was really important to get republican votes for it, so the process went much longer than it should have. we should have had a bill in the summer, didn't have it until the following spring. during the course that have time there was a reluctance to be critical of republicans because they were hoping to get a republican vote. we were very efficient in the house. we knew there was never going to
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be a republican vote, just never work four, that's what their attitude is. i think that length of time gave the outside folks, it was carpet bombing, scorched earth take no prisoners, shock and awe because there was big money involved. but the fact is, you would never know it to have lived through it, but this is a bill that's about innovation, about prevention, about wellness, it's about a healthy not just the health care in america. it's the right path to go down. i've been for single payer for 30 years a public option after that, but we had to make a compromise to get the bill passed in the senate. i think the delay waiting for six months for a republican vote that was never going to come delayed it evening longer into the following year. that's unfortunate, because over
9:13 pm
80 million people have. we if id from the bill so far whether it's wellness examination, company pay for seniors, whether all children now who will not be deprived, be discriminated against on the base of premedical condition. children on their parents policy until they're 26 years old. 5 million seniors already saved $3 billion in prescription drug benefits for the what the bill does to reduce to close the doughnut holes for those that know what that is. it has great benefit for people. unfortunately, we were too busy doing the bill and the time it took. and that was just a mistake. >> well, let me ask you this. if the supreme court does, i don't think it will, i know you don't think it will, either, but if the supreme court did strike it down, is there another opportunity for a bite at the apple.
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>> first of all this is ironclad constitutionally. we respect the right of judicial review, and we always write our bills respectful of the constitution, so this is ironclad constitutionally. you never know what happens in the court, but i have confidence in the merit of the case. and it's interesting to see the republicans now all big on the courts, because they've been anti courts for so long. as you know, they have had something called court stripping. >> describe what that is for people who are not familiar with what court stripping is. >> now this is as recent as 2004, 2005. i'm not going way back in history. when the republicans were in the majority before we took over and the recent take over you know they had court stripping. they would write a bill and a provision would say the courts do not have the right to review
9:15 pm
this for issues of constitutionality. they even said that there's not -- it's not clear in the constitution about the independence of the judiciary in the constitution, the same people. >> the very thing that they were complaining about before, of course they now are accusing the president of not knowing what par berry versus madison is. it's a very interesting moment in history. >> inconsistent to say it nicely. >> consistently inconsistent. you have made comments about how important it is to have clean elections. talk about that. >> i believe when you ask about what we would do right at the beginning of a new congress, first we ever to win. and then we have to do our job the job's agenda. i honestly believe that we are not going to be able to have the
9:16 pm
policy agenda that we want to have unless we change the politics. we have to reduce the role of money in campaigns. the supreme court decision of citizens united is very undermining of our democracy. our founders had in mind that the people, the will of the people and the voice of the people would determine elections,--of the many, not the bank roll of the very few. right now we have a situation we might as well call up the election and ask the koch brothers and ever who you want. if you suppress the vote, all part of their plan and poison the debate what do people say? i don't get this and so i believe we have to reduce the role, increase the stability and when we do, i promise you this, we will have more women elected to public office, more young people, more minority, more new people coming into the system,
9:17 pm
because there won't be that intimidation of money and voter suppression and the rest of that. >> we're going to talk about that and encouraging women and others to run right after the break. i know you'll be sticking around. we're just getting started. much more with house democratic leader former speaker nancy pelosi right after the break. you are watching the war room and it's only on current t.v. viewer for >>(woman) don't wait for her to make the first move. >>(man) don't talk about your third or forth date. >> (several people speaking at the same time) >>(woman) be yourself. >>relax. >>thats... nice. nice sweater. >>ya? >>ya. >>but i told you i have the ugliest sweaters.
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>> i'm jennifer granholm and you're back in the war room only on current t.v. i'm pleased to have former speaker of the house nancy pelosi. we were talking that the north koreans launder and failed a rocket. >> i was in north korea. when we went before we talked to them about their missiles and launchers and this and that and they said we do this for the money and if you want to buy our missiles fine. we warned them over and over
9:21 pm
again, they had international warnings to them not to do this launch. they said it was for weather satellite, but they are in the business of selling. and the fact that it failed after a minute and a half or two minutes is a demonstration of of how -- they have a what they call self reliance. they are exactly not that. their people are hungry, we've said we want to help feet your people, but you must stop these missile launches, the sale of missiles or any other technology to anyone else. this is a tremendous loss of face for them. i don't know if they'll even let their people know what has happened, but it's supposed to be the celebration of the great leader's 100th birthday and it lasted about one minute. >> if they were defying international warnings, i assume we will have to take have the nexhetex step? st ep>>
9:22 pm
ll w>> we wantan tm tm t toom ck comoe t six nio bactas. to wthe t talks, back to the table. we want to bring them into the international community. they are just defiant and they should never have made this launch and the fact that it failed, again, this isn't the first time they have failed, but the secretary of state was very clear in advance of this. you know we want to help feed their people but they have to cooperate, as well, and we don't want to use food as a weapon, but got fact is that if their people are hungry and need to be fed, then they have to be fed because they are not reliable even though they call themselves self reliant leadership. >> between you and hillary clinton, tremendous role models not just international but here at home. we left the last segment talking about potentially recruiting
9:23 pm
people to run for office, women and men. when young women see you in office, they see you in themselves and what they might be ail to do. how difficult is it to get women to run for office in this extremely toxic environment. >> first of all let me say how proud we are of our secretary of state in her role. lifting up people internationally and domestically has been a high priority for her. i think money is an obstacle. i also think that if you poison a debate and you increase the role with money, you're going to make it harder to win. if you ruse money and increase ability, it's going to be better for women. this year, i have to say many of
9:24 pm
our women self recruited. they know that we're on a bad path under rupp majority whether it's breaking medicare guarantee, whether it's saying we're going to shut down government rather than funding planned parenthood, those are just two glaring examples, but in many other ways. i say to women know your appear. that's my book, know your power a contribution only you can make. while we value the work that our mail colleagues bring to the table, the mix is very important of women minorities, young people and the rest. and it is a decision that many of us have made to listen. it's only been incremental. we have to kick open the door of
9:25 pm
incrementalism, more women and we won't have to wait another 200 or 400 years to get to parity in congress. >> i would think the war on women gives women and impetus to run because they see how important it is to have their voices at the table. from your perspective given this is your 25th year in congress, did you ever think that we would be waging these battles that we thought were long won? >> when i went 25 years ago there weren't 25 women in congress, maybe 20 out of 435 in the house of representatives. that's ridiculous. i mean it's so ridiculous, but you can't win if you don't run. we have to encourage women when they have seen the discussion on contraceptives, why are we having this discussion in the
9:26 pm
21st century about a woman's health and her own personal decision. that's what i think has stirred a large number of women to take notice. we've had women turn out at events around the country in a different way to support other women, new young women coming into office. >> so you've been doing this 25 years. what would you be doing if you weren't doing this? >> until my work is done here. >> you won't think about it! i knew it! she's too busy saving the world. >> what drives my engine is the one in five children who live in poverty in america, go to sleep hungry at night. i would be worrying about the one in five until that number is a very different one in our country, the greatest country that ever existed one in five children living in poverty.
9:27 pm
>> i'm going to ask you what keeps you up at night. that's one of the things. >> what can we do in the course of the day for the one in five. the one in five, because that is our future, and it is -- it's just, i think completely intolerable that we would have a situation of that kind. >> let me ask you a sort of silly question, if i can. it's something that i know that i ran into a lot when i was governor. i've noticed that john boehner is very emotional and cries an awful lot, and for women you can't do that, right? >> oh, no. >> right? i haven't seen you cry in public, but i've seen him. you know, i think it's appealing and endearing. i wonder if we're ever going to get to a place where someone like pat schroeder where she went and everyone felt that was disqualifying her or a terrible
9:28 pm
thing when our emotions and our strengths are not decided by our plumbing. >> well, i think that there's one thing we can give john boehner credit for is that he's made it ok to cry in public, because i haven't heard anybody criticize. they've laughed, but i haven't heard them criticize it. the fact is that they are more concerned about their policies than weather they're shedding tears over an emotional matter. >> i'd love for them to be crying for those one in five children and then doing something about it. last question, yesterday there was video that was circulating about one of the members of the house, allen west, who made some statement about, you know, you're democratic colleagues which was absolutely ridiculous. i'm wondering when you were speaker, you took action against members that made things where you felt it was over the line, anthony wiener and others.
9:29 pm
should john boehner be doing that for alan west? >> i think alan west is so ridiculous that it speaks for itself. i can't set a standard for what the republicans do and what they tolerate and what their members say. you would think, i mean i think we saw all that we needed to see when rush limbaugh made the horrible statements they did and the response from the republicans was to minimal poor choice of words. poor choice are words? no, poor choice of thoughts. so if they would not even respond to that, alan west calling ever calling the progressive caucus communist in the house. >> ate one i think 78-81. >> but nothing surprises me about them but it's up to the public to make a judgment as to whether that should be how they want to be represented in congress, but i'm just happy
9:30 pm
that you're in the war room and i'm glad to be in the war room with you today. >> i'm glad you joined us. thank you for coming in, for leading well. >> i come here as former speaker and current leader and christine's mom. >> exactly and everybody knows who watches the war room that christine is star of the show. we're glad to be able to welcome you back anytime and maybe she'll even let you take her seat once in a while. democratic leader, former speaker, nancy pelosi, thank you so much. >> thank you. >> up next we head out to the campaign table. this is the war room, only on current t.v.
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the show. >>and humor and politics with a west coast edge. >>politically direct means no bs, cutting through the clutter. >>bill press and stephanie miller, current's new morning news block. weekdays six to noon. >> on the campaign front today mitt romney took the day off from public events and you political junkies don't worry his wife anne went on fox news to address hillary roses alleged criticism of her choice to forego a career and raise children. president obama addressed the issue in an interview. take a listen. >> here's what i know, that there's no tougher job than
9:34 pm
being a mom. anybody who would argue otherwise, i think probably needs to rethink their statement. >> well, she did hillary rosen did apologize. we know this particular breakdown has been very much to the benefit of the republican party, it seems, the political fallout and an romney's family feud is much more coming up california republican party chairman is with us, joins us as well is political humorist, calling himself a raging moderate. welcome to you both inside the war room. let's talk about this issue which has been the subject of the news all day today. visitors now to mitt romney's website are being asked to stand with app anne leaving a comment.
9:35 pm
this is merchandise the war on moms. do you think this is the best thing that's happened to romney in the course of this campaign. >> and its a good way to start it off on him. by getting conservatives excited or family people excited, it's not helpful for the democrats. it's a good week worth of a story they'll get out of this. >> you think it's a week? >> it's pretty sensitive and when you put on that the fact that the white house pays women 15% less, there's your war on women. >> i didn't see that story. >> they don't hire as many women. >> well it can't be one or the other. they're not hiring women and they get no money. it depends what position they're
9:36 pm
in. >> the republicans obviously were making hay of this. >> i don't understand why. i don't get why. >> after she apologized no. >> what does she have to do with the democratic party? >> she's a street geist. >> i'm a strategist. >> so you know how low it goes. >> wow! >> he didn't say loses this is what happens. >> i got my green on. there were a lot of reactions today and one came from the catholic league. i was surprised at the tweets that came out of the catholic league bill donahue writes: >> the second tweet was:
9:37 pm
>> from the catholic league! >> this is so into karl rove's playbook, yell at the guy for your faults, your weak points. you accuse the other guy, a war on women. i like how it's changed and now it's the war on moms. >> war on moms. all she said was she never worked a day in her life. >> she has worked. she's worked as a housewife. >> she didn't have a job out of college. >> she might have said it differently. she hasn't had an employer where she had to negotiate a paycheck. she has worked, come on! >> and the most important i agree. >> i totally agree. >> let's move on approximate she had a job ok, she raised five kids. >> it's an insensitivity issue. >> no, it's not.
9:38 pm
>> the president distanced himself, it's over. why do you think it's going to go on five days, because anne romney has a twitter account now. >> now? when did she get it? >> yesterday right? >> but they're going to fold in things like his failure to pay women the same in the white house. >> what about the facts that romney gave yesterday about 90% of the jobs lost were women. do you have any facts for that? we'll get back to you. >> anne receipt rate that had that was a false statement. hang on, you guys. we've got a lot to talk about. we only got through one question. stick around, much more after the break. stay right here. sir... excuse me, excuse me... can i get you to sign off on the johnson case... ♪ we built this city! ♪ don't let food hang around. ♪ on rock & roll! ♪
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>> yeah i'm sorry, i probably shouldn't have said that. >> i'm wondering at what point now he's supporting romney. at what point does romney say i'm better off without this guy. >> with friends like this i think they're going to throw a blanket, lead blanket. you know you get at the dental with the x-rays and put him in the program. and he was-- >> but they ve, every republican loves bringing out the teleprompter thing and i don't understand why. >> everyone? >> everyone? >> and i agree with him that he's going to be off the stage quickly and they don't need this many surrogates to begin with they need mitt-- i don't agree with him on merit. >> obama's surrogate in chief which is biden. i want you to respond to this, tom. >> governor romney calls the
9:43 pm
president out of touch and anti-woman, by the way, but out of touch. hey, how many of you all have a swiss bank account? now, i mean -- [applause] >> i just want for the record everybody know that will was raising his hand at that question. tom, how does romney get out from the impression that he is out of touch and is hiding money in swiss bank accounts? >> well hiding money thing what are you going to do about it? the what he's got to do is have a very practical solution in the pain. obama is not going to build keystone i'm going to let america build it. if he talks about practical terms in people's lives, obama is going to raise a billion dollars or so he says they don't feel bad about this guy. >> by the way, republicans are outraising with their secret american crossroads-- >> i'm just letting everyone
9:44 pm
know. >> shh! i don't think that's going to go very far. this is going to be who who has got solutions and-- >> it's the money and romney has pummelled everybody. do you play angry birds? romney is like the eagle that comes in and smashes-- >> are you saying i'm not a comedian because i don't play angry birds. >> only comedians play angry birds. you described yourself as a majoring moderate. where do raging moderates find themselves on this political campmpaign? >> with he will i'm an obama supporter, i don't think he's got den a chance to lead because he was a facilitator and he's always been-- >> what do you mean facilitator. >> he brings people together. >> what if people don't want to be brought together. no, the republican response for negotiation for three and a half years, no no no no. let me say. >> no. >> the first two years he had the senate and the house, all of
9:45 pm
his major policies enacted and didn't work. >> oh here we go. >> you know who else isn't working. >> too many americans, have you seen the graph during bush's administration how many jobs were lost and it goes down like this the end of bush and again the beginning of obama and job loss goes up like that and jobs are being created. does that make any sense. >> guys we've got to go. i could sit back and listen to you, tom del beccaro and humanist, will durst, we'll ask what is working and if in race is to be about the economy you'll not miss our next segment. this is the war room only on current tv and these guys are has a best-in-class driving range of more than 550 miles per tank. so you can catch morning tee time in monterey and the afternoon meeting in los angeles all without running out of gas. just make sure you don't run out of gas.
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here is what it is are you ready? worldwide investment in the clean energy sector has gone up to a record amount of dollars, all private sector money. 600% increase from 2004 to 2011. so the question is where is the money going? and which countries are getting that private sector investment? i'll show you. ta-da, united states garnered the most investment in clean energy dollars which means jobs last year. private sector investment in alternative fuels was 48 billion dollars in the u.s. and the bulk of it went to wind and solar. but congress may allow one of the drivers of that clean energy tax credits to expire and that could put our top spot at risk. china is taking no prisoners. they plan to spend 473 billion
9:50 pm
dollars, 473 billion dollars on clean energy over the next five years. so who -- the wind energy is unwith of the tax credits that is going to expire if congress doesn't renew it and the last time that that credit expired in 2003 so here is 2003 the tax credit expired, boom you saw 77% drop in wind power installations by the way, that means jobs. here we go again, end of 2009 end of 2010 and 11 it's going to drop again, boom unless congress extends. now, all of this is going on and guess what continues to fund congressional campaigns is oil, and oil lobbyists, and subsidies romaine intact even though oil subsidies remain intact even though the wind energy credits are going to go away. so check this out. oil lobbyists are flooding
9:51 pm
congress to the tune of 148 million dollars. last year so right now, joining me from washington d.c. is phyllis, the director of pew's clean energy program. thank you for joining us i know that you are on this. what is the -- what is the good news and what is the scareiest news from your report? >> oh gosh well it's great to be here. well the good news is that the sector is growing and that means that there's lots of opportunity. you mentioned that 263 billion dollars last year alone, and since 2004 1 trillion dollars invested. and so, to us that says that this is a great opportunity to create jobs businesses here in america, and put people back to work. >> so what are you afraid of? >> well the thing i'm afraid of is that here in the united states, we trail behind on an um into of indicators. first and foremost as an american, the thing i worry about is that we really
9:52 pm
pioneered the clean energy sector we invented solar power and we're not manufacturing. other countries, like germany and china, are taking our ideas, manufacturing them and then exporting them. >> so what is china doing that we're not doing? what are they -- what's the policy driver? what are they doing that we're not doing? >> sure. well they have long-term policy in place, and that gives investors a great deal of confidence that they are going to have a place to go to invest and make a profit. china has said to itself. they put a very high level in for wind very high goal in for solar, and so they have really demonstrated to investors all around the world that they are open for business and their growth has been consistent year after year. >> and they have sucked in fact a lot of the investment from the united states to china because they expect that they will be able to meet their goals with the united states companies.
9:53 pm
so, we are investing a lot more right, in terms of a country. so, why aren't we growing as fast as other countries are growing? >> i think you mentioned it at the top of the segment, which was, there's a question about our policy. we have not passed an energy bill since 2007 and investors aren't sure that we're committed. the production tax credit which is really for wind in this country is set to expire the end of 2012 and there's a real push that's on to renew it. the national governor's position sent a letter to congress saying please do this and the thing we can see, you see the chart earlier the investment drops off and we know already today that no new wind has been commissioned in the united states. >> well. >> so investors are worried. >> and i was just going to say, i mean obviously, pew and the bloomberg clean energy finance have teamed up to provide a very objective report on the status of this and we know that
9:54 pm
investment means jobs. phyllis cuttno the energy pew's energy ttv om state farm. sounds like a really good deal. jake from state farm at three in the morning. who is this? it's jake from state farm. what are you wearing jake from state farm? [ jake ] uh... khakis.
9:55 pm
she sounds hideous. well she's a guy, so... [ male announcer ] another reason more people stay with state farm. get to a better state. ♪ ♪ an energizing fruit or relaxing mint flavor. new 5 rpm gum. stimulate your senses.
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>> ahhh! >> any questions? any questions? >> i have a few observations. i wasn't't aware that theevevegege amamicic taxpayeye os s sma icns and am ibb supupseseo be d at thesehe chickens? ke if a aththg i'm impressed, after all they picked the carcass clean and left the clothing. and the chicksens were clearly hurled off off screen i rest easier one someone is a chief chicken thrower. this poor girl watched a gold
9:57 pm
fesh gasp for air and a bunny blown to pieces and now a man be mauled by poultry. what are you going to make her sit through next? >> all right, kid you're doing great. don't say anything until after the water buffalo, and parents, your only parents we'll only have one take at this. >> can we move on from the, this is your brain on drug any questions bit? aren't there any other commercials you can go after. >> how, brett, who are you voting for? [laughter] >> thanks for joining us here in the war room? brett is going to be in the house and we'll talk politics and more so we'll see you then.
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